Friday, April 10, 2009

April 4, 2009.

We hauled anchor at 1000 hours and sailed north for Pipe Creek. Pipe Creek is less than 3 miles away as the crow flies but since we’re not traveling by crow we had to go around an area of shallowness. This made our day a very pleasant 8 mile day.

We waited until 1000 to haul the anchor so we could head into Pipe Creek on a rising tide. Low tide had only been at 0945 so the water was shallow but filling in. The only really skinny water we saw was very early into our final approach. We were crossing a shallow bar of pure white sand and had 2 inches of water under our keel for a few hundred yards.

After crossing the bar we did some “water reading” and followed the deep water around the cay and up into the anchorage. Once into the anchorage we had our choice of several different places to drop the hook.

Our friends Jeff & Tessa were already anchored in an area called “the Mice” and came out in their dinghy to meet us. The charts show the water to be very shallow as you approach the Mice. The water in this area is several different shades of blue and green so the safe route in is less than obvious. Jeff and Tessa had a lead line with them and checked the depths ahead of us as we slid up into the calm water behind the mice.

Solitaire and Veranda had their hooks down by noon in this most beautiful of anchorages. It really is nice here and we’re looking fard to a few days of spearfishing and shelling. During a little afternoon exploring we found that our friends Wild Card, Poco Loco and Kokomo are all scattered here as well. Call me crazy but I’m predicting a get together of some type.

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