Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 11, 2009.

We raised the mainsail and sailed off the hook at 0800 on Friday. We left the harbor right behind Blown Away and another Pearson 422 christened C-Language. Pearson 422’s are fairly rare so this was our first opportunity to sail with one.

The wind was 8 to 15 knots out of the east southeast. This turned into a truly wonderful day of sailing as we headed north. We were wing and wing for the first 3 mile leg of the journey and about a mile behind the others as we left the anchorage.

When it came time to turn onto our desired course I cut the corner at the waypoint and turned north. We ended up turning north at about the same time as the others and it turned into an 19 mile drag race to our destination of Governors Harbor. We had a great day and built a lead of about ¾ ‘s of a mile. With about 5 miles to go I got a little lazy with my sail trim and the other 2 boats came on like gang busters (it was lunch time, I couldn’t help it). We ended up paying attention to our sail trim and barely snuck into the wide open harbor just ahead of the others. Blown Away is usually a faster boat than we are so I was pleased to do as well as we did. It was interesting to see how evenly matched we were with C-Language with our odd rig.

We were in Governors Harbor early enough to head out hunting for some fresh fish and a little shelling. I was able to take a really nice hogfish for the evening’s meal. On our way back to the boat we came across a couple of 32 packs of Coca Cola bobbing along. They were still in their plastic and cardboard wrapper. We pulled the first one aboard the dink and were pleased to see that they appeared brand new and in good shape. They must have fallen off the mailboat or perhaps the town dock. Now all we need is to find a bottle of rum and the whole evening is set. Talk about the “bounty of the sea”.

Since it was Good Friday there was quite the beachfront celebration. Of course, a wall of humongous speakers was put to good use for several hours of gospel music. Thankfully it
was over at a reasonable hour and all was quiet by 2300 hours. Praise Jesus.

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