Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12, 2009.

First off, happy Easter everybody. We hope the rabbit found its way to everyone’s home.

When Norm and Rick saw the size of the hogfish we had gotten they decided that the spearfishing might be pretty good here in the area. So we planned to rendezvous on Saturday at 1000 hours and hit the water.

Norm got 3 decent sized hogfish while I took a small grouper and a reef crab. It was the first crab we’ve harvested this year. I was just swimming along and looked down into a hole and there he was. Christy cooked him up and he made a nice appetizer.

We got out of the water and went back to the boat for lunch before heading in to town. The flaw in the days schedule soon became apparent when we reached the bakery. It’s the only “real” bakery that we have found while in the Bahamas. Bread, pies, jelly doughnuts, you know…..the works. Since we didn’t get there until afternoon, everything, every crumb was gone. Row after row of empty shelves. Crap. Last year when we were here the jelly doughnuts didn’t even make it out to the street. At least I have those memories.

Next up was the grocery store. Christy bought a few items while I filled a gas can and then we were back to the boat for the night.

We were supposed to be leaving Governors Harbor on Easter morning but the weather prediction was for no wind at all so we opted to stay until Monday morning. So we spent Easter Sunday, what else, spearfishing. We were rewarded with another outstanding hogfish.

After lunch we went in to town to walk a bit and came across friends at Buccaneers, a nice shade tree pub. The place is comfortable, beautiful and serves man sized meals for a reasonable amount. Since we had just finished lunch we decided to just have a drink with our friends. A huge Slurpee type drink with the biggest shot of rum I’d ever seen was only 2 bucks. Bargain.

After our drink it was back to the boat where Christy prepared an Easter feast. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and fresh broccoli, oh my.

We should be leaving in the morning for Royal Island which has pretty much nothing. The next day we’ll be headed for Devil’s Hoffman in the Berries where we’ll stay for at least a week or 2. We loved the desolation of the Berries last year so we’re really looking forward to getting back there on our way back to the states. What this all boils down to is that this should be our last internet until we get back to the states around the first of May. Until then……


Anonymous said...

Bill, did the front that moved through Florida on Tuesday, 4/14 effect the Bahamas? There were 60 mph gusts and 30 - 40 sustained winds for several hours at our home. Our sailboat bounced around like a cork for a few hours. Not good.

Terri s/v Vixen

S/V Veranda said...

We listened to Chris Parkers forecast for the Florida coast as so many of our friends are heading back to the states at this time so we heard about that front. We had winds in the 20 to 25 knot range with a lot of violent squall activity. The worst part for us here is that on the Atlantic side of Abaco there are 10 to 15 foot breaking waves in all the cuts.