Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 9, 2009.

We were up and underway at 0700 in an effort to escape Velcro Beach’s grasp.

Our original plan was to stop for the night at Peck Lake. The early start meant that we would arrive there by 1300 hours. Since we were making such good time we decided to keep on going right through to Lake Worth.

At the previous evenings cocktail party we picked up another boat that decided to travel with us. So now its Veranda, Solitaire, Far Niente and Bi Bi. Pronounced Be Be, not bye bye so I’m not really sure what to say say about that that.

Anyway, we had 9 lift bridges to negotiate with most of them opening on request but a few are timed. There were a few that only opened on a rigid schedule so we did spend a bit of time sitting in front of bridges waiting for them to open. It was cloudy early on but turned into a beautiful day.

We had the hook down in the Lake Worth anchorage by 1640 hours. The weather looks like we should have a chance to cross to the Bahamas on Thursday evening. We’ve decided to head across from here, rather than going down to Miami, so we’ll sit here for a few days. Then we’ll move the 4 miles south and stage just inside the inlet so we can pull the hook and head straight out.


Jon and Arline Libby said...

Good luck on your crossing....I have a question on your dogs. How do they deal with going to the bathroom when you do a crossing? My two will hold it, they have gone as long as 13 hours or so. I have golf turf on the boat but they would rather sleep on it than pee. I went as far as even calling the so called "famous Russian dog trainer" and to make a long story short he said sooner or later they will get the hint and that I treat them like kids and not dogs. Well they did take the place of my kids to fill the void so thats thats.
Any help would be great on this issue.

S/V Veranda said...

I hate to say it but the dogs have held it for up to 30 hours in the past. We tried EVERYTHING in an effort to get them to go. They've finally gotten the hang of using the bow. I waited until they were uncomfortable and then put their leashes on them and walked them to the bow. Again and again and they seem to grasp the concept and use it at their leisure.