Friday, February 6, 2009

February 6, 2009.

Okay, its time to go. We’re finally provisioned and ready to hit the watery trail.

Since we installed the new freezer and refrigerator we have about 4 times the amount of freezer space available to us than we used to have. We already had a shitload more meat in the freezer than we brought last year, but still it wasn’t full. So we went to Publix one final time to try and top off the freezer. Christy was able to snag 8 pounds of chicken, 8 pounds of ground turkey and a huge London Broil. We got back to the boat and vacuum sealed everything and put it all into the freezer with absolutely no room to spare.

I took the jugs up to the gas dock and topped off the diesel tanks and filled all of our gasoline containers. Now all we have to do is hit the dock in the morning to pump out the holding tank and top off the fresh water.

After that we’ll once again be underway. We plan to head about 40 miles south to Peck Lake. The next day we’ll continue on to Lake Worth and the day after that should find us in Fort Lauderdale. Once in Fort La-Ti-Da we’ll take a close look at the weather for a suitable window to cross to the Bahamas.

If nothing looks promising we’re planning to continue another 20 miles to Miami. In Miami there’s a good anchorage where we can sit comfortably and wait for a good weather window.
There’s also easy provisioning so we can replace whatever we use while we wait for weather.

So we will continue to update whenever we can, because Veranda is off for the Bahamas……..


Anonymous said...

smooth sailing...i'm a little jealous as i head to work on a monday morning!

Anonymous said...

Bess and Bill say - Since we are now 2 months from our last US provisioning, we can now see the bottom of the icebox. But we can't yet see the bottom of the new freezer, since we don't have one!!!!