Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 21, 2009.

The weather has once again been the deciding factor in our decision making. On Thursday the wind is supposed to clock around to the west. Friday afternoon there is another front due to move through followed by a week of unsettled weather.

We could stay in Pipe Creek but if we do that means that we’ll probably be here for a bit more than a week. We know that a bunch of boats are staging at Galliot Cut for a Friday run down to Georgetown before the front rolls through.

So on Thursday afternoon after a morning of exploring we pulled the hook and motor sailed south towards Galliot Cut. We were underway by 1320 and arrived just in time for an impromptu beach party. It was good to catch up with everybody and plan the trip down the outside to Georgetown.

On Friday morning we were supposed to be leaving at 0800. I woke at sunrise and checked all the boat systems before 0630. We decided to get underway as the tide was already ebbing out through the cut. We retrieved our anchor from the 12 foot deep crystal clear water and headed out. Shortly thereafter the rest of the anchorage came alive and we were soon at the head of a 9 boat parade headed south.

The weather was beautiful, the fishing sucked and the wind was practically nonexistent. We did have sail up throughout the day but were only gaining a quarter of a knot here and there.

We arrived in Georgetown just after noon and navigated our way into the harbor. We did a slow tour of the anchored boats, noting who was here and who was there. We made our way down to Sand Dollar beach and dropped the hook in the midst of several boats.

We’ve got a good spot and it looks like we should be pretty comfortable while these next few days of crappy weather unfold around us.

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