Monday, October 8, 2007

October 6. It’s Saturday evening and the boat show is over for us. There’s actually still another day left in the show but we’re going to start heading south.

We attended the boat show on both Friday and Saturday. On Friday we pretty much spent most of our money and one of the vendors gave us some complimentary tickets for the next day so we went back on Saturday.

On Friday, Nell and Charlie called and said that they were in town for the day to attend the show. They met us in the center of town and drove us out to Chantler’s, a rustic waterside restaurant. It was a great evening that ended too quickly as Charlie still had a long drive back to Jersey ahead of him. Charlie and Nell just got back from a three month sail to Nova Scotia so it was fun to compare notes.

On Saturday we spent some time retracing our steps to see some things again. Then we went on several of the boats that were on display, attended a weather seminar and headed back to the boat early to relax a bit before heading to the Latts and Atts party in the evening.

During the show we ran into several cruisers we had met during the previous year. Then it turned into “old home week” as we ran into a multitude of former dockmates, yacht club members and various ner-do-wells from our home waters in New Jersey.

On Saturday evening we attended the Latts ands Atts party. The place was packed and we spent a good bit of time wandering through the crowd looking for familiar faces. The party was okay but the real enjoyment came from chatting with the people in the group. We’re hauling anchor around 0630 tomorrow so we were out of there by 2030 hours and headed back to the boat.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see there is no alcoholic beverages at your table.

S/V Veranda said...

Sober fun is the best fun..........