Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October 3. We left Solomon’s Island on Monday after waiting out a mild blow from the north. The winds weren’t half as bad as they were supposed to have been but they were from the north so since we were headed north we decided to wait it out.

We had the anchor up just before 0700 and were headed over to the pump out dock. Here at Solomon’s they have a very nice 2 slip pier with fresh water and a free pump out station. We got there just behind the Freedom’s and both of us pumped out, filled water tanks and washed off the topside grunge.

So with the boats now sparkling clean we headed for Annapolis. We were sailing northward by 0815 with 8 to 10 knots of breeze from the east. The wind of course sensed our pleasure and slowly petered out until we were only making 3 knots SOG by 1100 hours. After that we had to start the engine and motor the last 4 hours to Annapolis.

Back Creek and Spa Creek are both overcrowded with boats here to attend the sailboat show. These 2 creeks are both very convenient to Annapolis and very protected. There are other options but they’re just a little further away.

So we decide to anchor right in front of the Naval Academy. It’s just a short dinghy ride into town for both dog walking and the show. So it’s actually the most convenient of all possible choices. The only drawback is that it’s pretty open to winds from the east-southeast. We figure that if something big comes this way we’ll just run up the Severn River and pop back out when it’s passed.

We anchored in a dead calm anchorage and were happy with our choice. Later that night, not so much. I took the dogs to shore and returned to the boat just about sundown as the wind started to build noticeably. Soon the wind was up to 15 knots; of course straight out of the east and the water was starting to build into a nasty chop.

With our Mantra of always being the northernmost boat in any anchorage this has put us as also the closest boat to the seawall behind us. This put us in the awkward spot of being behind everyone as the wind blew unexpectedly hard from the east with the wall directly behind our boat. It all worked out well for us as the wind was just enough to churn things up and everyone stayed put for the night. It did make for an uncomfortable nights sleep for some of the crew though, so I hear.

We spent Tuesday doing a little walking around town before heading over to see our friends The Bedazzles. Actually they’re the former Bedazzles; since we’ve seen them last they’ve bought a new boat and are now the Makeitsos’.

We had traveled quite a bit with Rick, Linda & Kirby the Wonderdog when they were traveling on their Lagoon 41 foot catamaran. It’s only been about 5 months since we’ve seen them but they’ve been busy. Now they are living aboard the pride of the Lagoon fleet, a 42 foot Hybrid diesel electric model. Instead of diesel engines it has 2 electric motors to turn the propellers, once the battery level falls below a certain level the generator starts itself and recharges the battery bank all the while humming along. Ain’t technology grand? Actually several grand. You can’t imagine the room on this boat, there’s even a billiard room, holy crap.

They’re tied up at the dock over at the catamaran dealer while they get a few bugs worked out of their new boat. We spent the evening as their guests along with the Freedoms and another couple of new cruisers who will be setting out on the “Anything’s Pawsible”. It was a beautiful evening with great company. That is until we left, we pulled away from their boat and down the fairway and out into yet another blustery night.

It was calm as a mill pond while we were at their boat and only a couple of hundred yards away it’s blowing again. The water was so stirred up that spray was flying up over the dinghy and drenching us both as we head across the seas.

It was another uncomfortable night but the crew was able to sleep a little better, so I hear, thanks to 4 benadryls and ear plugs.
We spent today running around getting little jobs accomplished after going to breakfast at Chick & Ruth’s in town. It’s a nice little breakfast place frequented by cruisers. We caught up with several old friends and met some new people there as well.

Now all we really have to do is attend the boat show and then start to head south. Although in the mean time I’m sure the crew would appreciate one or two of those eerie, still nights that make sleeping so effortless.


Anonymous said...

a little snort of red wine will also make sleeping effortless

S/V Veranda said...

You're preaching to the choir.....