Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 7, 2014.

The other day, right I slipped into the water I heard this distinct “clicking” sound as I swam through the water. Much to my dismay it turned out to be an equipment issue. At some point in time I had broken a fin. My left fin was cracked across the width of it. 35% of it was completely broken and it was barely holding together.

I have a back up set of fins but these are my full tilt go fast fins. I finished up the day wearing my spare fins but was pretty distraught. Hunting can be a pretty solitary endeavor which gave me time to think up a possible repair.

A couple of putty and resin spreaders, a few pop rivets and the Frankenfin was all ready to sea trial.

So far so good. I've taken another dozen lobster after the repair and a huge Ocean Trigger.

I shot the Ocean Trigger in the face through a gap in some rocks and couldn't pull him through the rocks. I had to get another spear from the dink so I could shoot him a second time to use two spears to work him out of the rocks. Unfortunately it took a bit of time and a very excited Black Tip shark showed up. Fortunately Steve was nearby and he kept the shark at bay while I successfully worked the Trigger out of the rocks.
Christy also did her part chasing the shark with the dinghy as it darted back and forth.

Teamwork and the Frankenfin led to yet another culinary delight, Mexican Trigger.

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Deb said...

Great repair job. Do you also have duck tape holding the bridge of your sunglasses together?

S/V Kintala