Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014.

We're big fans of spearfishing
but in general I'm pretty inept with a rod and reel. Whenever we're sailing in deep water we always drag a line. We usually catch a Mahi and one time we even caught a sailfish. So you know there’s plenty of game fish around if I can even catch one.

Some of my friends are actually good fishermen. So turn them loose in a target rich environment like this and good things are bound to happen. A couple of years ago Mike from Sapphire caught this beautiful Mahi.
Nice catch

I had forgotten about it until Barry from Nighthawk caught this spectacular specimen. What makes this fish even more special is the fact that he took it on a handline.
Barry is actually a life sized guy.  Thats a HUGE Mahi

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