Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Would someone please remove my fork from my hand....

December 25, 2013.

As always Christmas here on the Veranda was perfect. A fifth boat, Scotch Mist, showed up here during the night and we were all scheduled to get together on the beach at 1500 hours for a feast. Part of our contribution was to be Lobster Risotto. So after exchanging presents Christy and I went out to grab a couple of fresh lobster for the risotto.

The wind is not due to drop off until tomorrow so the conditions were still a bit sporting. We did succeed in grabbing three nice bugs and a Ocean Trigger that weighed in at almost nine pounds. I was after lobster but when I saw the trigger swim into a crevice in the coral I snuck to the other end and waited in the hopes he was traveling straight through. Just before I turned blue he popped out right in front of me and I sent my spear ripping through his body. On the plus side for him is now hes not going to have to wear that Christmas sweater his Grandmother knitted for him. Color me an optimist.

The afternoons meal was unbelievable. Perfectly grilled Bison steaks, turkey, stuffing, coleslaw, lobster risotto,
Steve slices up the Bison
Bahamanian Mac-n-Cheese, grilled lobster bites wrapped in bacon, cranberries, corn and peas. For dessert there were homemade sticky buns and Christy turned out a perfect rendition of Letas condensed milk and cherry pie.
Everybody wants one of Susan's sticky buns

Leta would be proud of Christy's "Leta Pie"
There were nine people in attendance but we could have fed twenty.

Christy & I hope everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas as well. Onward to New Years.....


Deb said...

Merry Christmas! It sure looks a lot warmer there than here...

S/V Kintala

S/V Veranda said...

Hi Deb, But St. A is a heck of a lot warmer than St. L.....

Merry Christmas

Latitude 43 said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Paul & Deb
SV Kelly Nicole

Pat and Joan said...

Merry Christmas. It all looks yummy. We need lessons on how to capture those very edible crustaceans!
Pat and Joan

Sabrina and Tom said...

Saved him from wearing a Xmas sweater.....LOVE it!!! True Xmas spirit. Ha!

Happy merry!