Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 7,2013.

Lets talk healthy crap for a bit. My wife has me on a diet that includes coconut oil as a staple. She uses coconut oil for all cooking ie sauteing, baking and as a substitute for butter across the board.

Christy just had me read a book titled “Alzheimer’s Disease, What if there was a cure?” by Dr. Mary Newport. It was VERY interesting and made me glad to be a coconut oil user.

One of the cool things about coconut oil is that above 76° Fahrenheit its a liquid. Once the temperature falls below 76° the oil congeals into a Crisco like solid. Its nice when you can look at a jar of coconut oil and tell the temperature. Now if I could just get apple pie to give me the wave height and wind speed we'd be all set.

At the end of the book are a few pages of typical coconut oil recipes.
Christy made the coconut oil fudge yesterday and its absolutely delicious. You have to eat them quickly though. When you take them out of the fridge they start to melt as soon as they hit the magical temperature.

I know we're (read that, Christy) are a little over the top when it comes to healthy eating but the diver who cleaned our bottom made me think we might be headed in the right direction after all. She showed up and cleaned the bottom so we can depart soon and she presented us with our bill plus a hand out on the 20 benefits of using apple cider vinegar.

Christy has had apple cider vinegar as a part of our diet for about 2 years. So the benefits of ACV were not new to us but it was comforting to see that we're not alone in our dietary eccentricities.


Latitude 43 said...

I was using ACV for a while to combat indigestion and heartburn. It worked, but I have not required it since retiring. Probiotics (non dairy) seemed to work the best at stomach issues, for me anyway. Eliminating work kind of solved everything.

I'll have to try the coconut oil. Know any food affected by barometric pressure?

Deb said...

Next time we're together I'll give you a whole bunch of recipes. My kids have been using the GAPS diet for a while and it's FULL of coconut oil recipes.

S/V Kintala