Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 29, 2013.

This will be the Cliff Notes version of the last month because there's been some shit happening. The unedited Directors Cut will be out at a future date. Its taking me a while to write so block off some time because its gonna take a weekend to read.

The last month has been a blur of changes . The mast is back in the boat. There was treachery and deceit. Ebb and flood. Illness, whether feigned or real, either way, not ours. Karma. Susurration. An oblivious captain steering his little ship towards the rocks of failure, pushed by an onerous tide. Plotting, double agents, subterfuge and weeks of rain. Brunch!

We were both fired. Complete poppycock. Unemployed for 5 hours. Karma once again reigns. Negativity lifted. Loads of sex. Joy in the village. Honesty is not a dirty word. Appreciation flows. Respect is earned.......not awarded because you expect it.

Right is still right. Bug eyed Chia Pets be damned. Sweltering heat. My dog ate my homework. Friendships both real and imagined. Happy Hours. Brightwork. Voodoo. Ants.


Sabrina and Tom said...

Were you drunk when you wrote this? hee hee

s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

S/V Veranda said...

Lol. There's not enough alcohol on the planet to make this shit up....

S/V Veranda said...

I accidentally deleted the next few comments so to answer them as best I can....Yes, we will still be here, the story will be told in person and may even involve props, oh, and brunch was outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Sounds intriguing! Can't wait to hear the whole story!

S/V Veranda said...

and telling stories is one of my favorite pastimes