Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 21, 2011.

We spent several days in the lee of Hog Cay hiding from 20 to 25 knot winds. It’s dead flat in the lee of the cay so its comfortable. When the wind is up that high the trip over to Duncan Town is unadvisable unless you enjoy arriving somewhere completely wet.

Theres not much hunting to the west of Hog so that only leaves the cuts to the north and south of the cay. As the wind angle varied we went south one day and then to the northern cut a few days later. One day we took 4 lobsters, including a speckled Spanish Lobster and a pair of Hogfish while the other day we got our asses pounded in rough conditions and came home empty handed. So we’ve spent our time playing Bocce, dominoes, reading and hiking but enough’s enough.

Far Niente, My Destiny, First Edition and Savage Son, heretofore known as Le Entourage, all set sail for Thompson Bay, Long Island. We’ve decided to stay down here another couple of weeks before we head back to renew our immigration bullshit as well. We took advantage of a wind shift to sail the dozen miles back up to Raccoon Cay.

Theres 2 other boats here with the nearest being ¾ of a mile to the north of us. We spent the morning walking the cay looking for evidence of Danny. Danny’s people spent 2 weeks here searching and praying for his return. They sat out a spat of horrendous weather while hoping Danny would turn up. They finally had to give up and return north and back towards the states.

The difference between a cay and an island is that an island has a source of fresh water. Since this is Raccoon Cay, after almost 3 weeks, Danny’s survival is doubtful. We saw no evidence of him but even when sitting out on the boat we always have one eye on the shoreline. You never know.

After lunch we made a quick run to the north end of the cay and came home with 3 bugs and another large Hogfish.


Deb said...

Sounds a bit like a good country & western song..."In the lee...of the cay..." LOL

Keep posting nice pictures of blue water please. Another inch of snow on the ground this morning. YUK.

S/V Nomad

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.