Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011.

I’ve been hearing about the horrible weather being endured by the eastern half of the country. All I’m gonna say is that February here is a little different…….I highly recommend it.

Our friends on First Edition had a bit of an accident. Everyone is fine but their camera is now dead. Lynn dropped the camera into that little bit of water that sloshes around in the back of the dinghy. The unfortunate death of their camera had an unexpected upside for us.

We own the exact same camera and they had one of those miracle clear plastic enclosures that allows your average digital camera to become an underwater camera. We had considered buying one but since our camera is several years old I was afraid to drop the cash on an enclosure for a camera that might be on its last legs. And a good bit o’ cash it is. The enclosure costs slightly more than our camera so we opted to go without. Bottom line; we didn’t even know the First Editions had this marvelous plastic box and they graciously offered to let us borrow it to use with our camera since it won’t fit their back up camera.

So with the wind honking out of the east Christy & I slipped into the water to practice our underwater photography technique. Here on the western side of Hog Cay there is some smallish structure along with some smaller fish so we snorkeled around taking pictures of this and that.

I’ve seen what Sean Penn will do to paparazzi so even though we had no intentions of killing anything I dragged a spear along for protection. Christy was able to get a quick picture of a good sized Hogfish that crossed our path just before I chased him down and transformed him into lunch.

There were a few colorful fish and some starfish here and there.
We learned a bit about using the camera underwater and we look forward to being able to share pictures of our next underwater hunting expedition. Stay tuned, it’ll be better than shoveling snow…..