Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Infidel Gets to Paradise

January 3, 2011.

Add another day to the solitude score. The wind is down below 15 knots so we decided to head around to the east side of the cay to do a little spear fishing.

There are an abundance of coral heads to choose from and we quickly had 5 lobsters and another Hogfish in the dink. A new favorite hunting tool that we added this off season is a small submersible flashlight. Some of the recesses that the bugs hide in are so deep that you can’t see if anyone’s home. The flashlight removes all doubt. The lobsters don’t like the sudden light and quickly move out of the beam so it’s a two handed process. I have the spear cocked and ready, I aim into the darkness and then shine the light and I’m ready to shoot.

I’ve even used the light to prompt a bug to move out of his superior protection into a more vulnerable spot by sticking my arm in a hole that I had no shot in and turning on the light. The lobster on both occasions moved away from the light but into a spot where I was able to take a shot.

After some lobster salad wraps for lunch,
Christy did a little snorkel shelling while I ran the dogs and burned some garbage at the cays fire pit.

Tonite we will be having LOBSTER for dinner.

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