Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 22, 2010.

So we’re sitting here in Vero awaiting Thanksgiving. Jay & Di from Far Niente have a home here and have invited several of us to their home for the holiday meal.

Speaking of meals. Yesterday Christy made sausage and eggs for breakfast and for some reason I decided to skip the sausage and just have eggs.

Anyway…….Christy has spent a good bit of time finishing up the provisioning for our trip while I got around to expanding our solar array. When we built the hard bimini we were planning to add more solar capacity to Veranda’s solar charging ability.

We had a pair of 135 watt solar panels delivered to Jay & Di’s house. I started the installation late Saturday and hit the “go” button at 1330 on Sunday. It was kind of a crappy day for making solar power but when I added the new panels into the system we immediately jumped up from making 5 amps to making 17 amps. Our solar array now stands at about 600 watts which is sizable for a monohull sailboat.

Now that we have the ability to make gobs of power we have had 2 days of semi crappy days. It seems that if you spend a grand on solar panels and you’re guaranteed at least 3 days of cloudy weather.

Speaking of the dogs. Tuckers been acting a little strange lately. He's taken to balancing his "moose" chew toy on his snout. But then again we've hosted parties for peanut butter, I guess he just fits in with the rest of us.....


TaylorMad1 said...

good call on skipping the meat! that looks like a lot of dog food.

S/V Veranda said...

Yeah, the sausage looked a little too much like breakfast at Lorenna Bobbits house.

6 months of dog food for 2 small dogs.