Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 1, 2010.

Happy Birthday Ma.

We dropped the dink into the drink and popped the outboard into place. We headed in to shore so we could go on walk-about.

The walk down into the center of Charleston is a couple of miles and it felt pretty good to stretch our legs walking into town. We usually try a new route through the neighborhoods as we wander towards the center of town.

We’re never disappointed during the walk as there is just

sooo much to see along any of our chosen routes. The architecture is truly beautiful and carrying your camera is a must. I can’t explain how much I enjoy the different types of fences there are here. Every property is bordered by either some fabulous brickwork, or an iron rail of some type or even a perfectly manicured hedge.

As you walk along the sidewalks it’s always a treat to look down the driveways or through the iron gates on the properties walkway.
Speaking of treats, yesterday was All Hallows Eve so the ghoulish decorations were still on display at several residences. I’m not sure what the significance of the patriotic pumpkin wearing a black lace thong was but I’ll bet they’re Halloween party kicked ass.

The one thing I find a little bizarre is that the sidewalks in the whole downtown area are made of slate. It adds to the cities charm and must make digging up the sidewalk to do repairs simple. Since theres no snow to shovel I guess it’s not an issue. It just looks outta place to me.

Several of the private homes have fountains quietly bubbling away in the shade of their yards. The large fountain down at the waterfront has a sign that spells out that there is no lifeguard on duty so wading is at your own risk. So what they’re saying is that it’s okay to wade in the fountain, we’re definitely not in Jersey anymore.

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