Monday, May 10, 2010

May 9, 2010.

We left Pungo Ferry and motored 30 miles northward in the winding ICW. We hit several bridges at exactly the right time but made up for our good fortune by getting caught at one of the train bridges for over half an hour.

Traveling through Portsmouth, all
I can say is that the Navy has the coolest toys. We’re now sitting in the anchorage at Hospital Point waiting for the north winds to peter out.
There should be a favorable breeze on Tuesday so we’re planning to head up the Chesapeake then.

While I’m here with some spotty free Wifi I thought I’d post the season hunting totals for this year. We had a very good year in spite of being boat bound by the weather on more than one occasion. This year we took:

27 Hogfish
14 Grouper
71 Lobster
2 Slipper Lobster
42 Lionfish
4 Schoolmaster
3 Mutton Snapper
22 Conch
2 Cuban Snapper
7 Margate
2 Yellow Jack
1 Triggerfish
1 Permit
5 Coral Crabs
1 41" Mahi Mahi
1 6 foot Sailfish (released)

The 27 Hogs were a nice surprise. The Grouper numbers were down a bit this year but we did take 9, 10 & 17 pounders. Being in the country for an extra month of Lobster season really paid dividends.
We gave all of the conch that we gathered to other boaters who had asked us to keep an eye out while we were in the water. And finally the Lionfish; they’re an invasive species that need to be eradicated before the native fisheries suffer. We’re just doin’ our part.


Anonymous said... shrimp? any good spearfisher would have landed a few shrimp!

S/V Veranda said...

Ya know, I actually did see shrimp on several occasions and I tried to take them by hand. No such luck and besides they're just so damn small.