Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010.

We woke at 1000 after 7 hours of truly deep, well deserved sleep. We farted around a bit before heading over to Back Creek just after lunch.

Our friend Jay had found a possible slip for us in Annapolis but somewhere in the translation the size of our beam got lost. We’ve been in contact with the guy who owns the small backyard marina several times before it dawned on him that we were wider than he had originally thought.

The slip was advertised at 11 foot 6 inches wide, while the Veranda is 12 feet 10 inches wide. We figured that we might as well head over and take a look for ourselves. To my complete pleasure when we arrived at the slip it became apparent that the 2 pilings on the outer end of the slip weren’t straight across from each other, they were kinda staggered. This gave us a little wiggle room, literally. I powered in while Christy fended, then I shoved and pushed, twisted a bit and added more power until we were completely in the confines of the slip. Now I understand how fat chicks get into spandex. A little shimmy shimmy, shake shake goes along way.

After tying and adjusting docklines things looked pretty good. We’ll have to see what the neighbors say about it when they show up. There will probably be no day sailing because I don't want to have to get in here again. But for now Veranda is plugged in and tied to the dock that will be our home for the next few months. Our friends Jay & Di ROCK! Thanks guys! I also need to throw out a giant thank you to all of our people who put feelers out there for us in an effort to find us a suitable slip here in Annapolis. So many people jumped at the chance in an effort to lend a hand and we truly appreciate it.

Veranda done reach and now we’re goin’ drinkin’.


Anonymous said...

don't you hate when the fat dude next to you on the plane (or in the movies) overflows into your space!!! get off my arm rest!

S/V Veranda said...

That's funny because I had the very same thought but now I am the fat guy. Don't I look great in spandex....