Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6, 2010.

It turns out my sweetie has a bit of a Crunchy Peanut Butter fetish. Evidently when we were provisioning for this years trip the crunchy peanut butter got lost in the shuffle. She badgered poor Bob on Savage Son into giving up a half jar of this precious brown paste when we last saw him. I think they were planning to leave and head north anyway before she realized they had crunchy on board.

We were sitting around playing some dominoes with our friends Roland & Leta on Kokomo when the subject of provisioning came up. This of course led to Christy’s admission that we were precariously low on the creamy brown delight that is crunchy peanut butter. Roland immediately offered her some crunchy style peanut butter that they’ve been carrying around. He said they have a jar or two on board and neither one of them eat it, so she was welcome to it although it might be a few years old.

True to their word they showed up the next morning with an unopened jar of crunchy. Christy was beside herself with glee. That is until she handed me the jar and I realized that it was made of glass. When was the last time you could buy peanut butter in anything but plastic? It even had a metal lid. After closer examination we found that the expiration date was November 5th of 1987. Seriously 1987. They’ve been carrying this jar around for 23 years. The thing looks as if its brand new. The label is perfect and in new condition. I’m not going to let Christy eat it just in case the Smithsonian calls and wants to add it to their collection. I figure it would fit right in with Archie Bunkers chair and the Fonz’s jacket.

So we’re in town for a lunch organized to help support the local church. The walk from the southern end of the island includes a walk through the brush, a stroll across the islands runway, a bit of climbing and a

stroll through town.

There’s a dozen of us here to pay 10 dollars for a meal that will benefit the church. The only problem is that nobody has showed up with any food. But its only 30 minutes past the posted starting time so that means someone should show up in the next hour or two. The Bahamanians just may have invented “Island time”.


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget...without the crunchy peanut butter there will be no delicous chocolate cookies.

TaylorMad1 said...

send me an address & I will mail a jar, I also enjoy peanut butter keep the posts comming I live thru you guys, maybe someday I will live on a boat.

Mutulfun.. Day by Day said...

Hi Bill & Christy. Hey I know your both seasoned cruisers. What advice or tips can you give us now as the end of June were heading out to work our way to the east coast. I know Mike & Kathy use cell phones, We have Verizon and wondered if you used any in the Bahama's? I have done some reading on it but still not sure. We have most of the Cruising guides(waterway) for all the way down. We also have all the garmin charts for our chart plotter also. I still need to pick up a few chart books for the mid Atlantic.I know in post I have read of yours that you like showing newbies the way. Well it is like I am an apprentice once again and looking for guidance here.
Thanks, Randy