Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 11, 2010.

The wind finally veered enough for us to head 12 miles to the northeast to Water Cay. Christy and I have bypassed Water Cay ever since we got chased out of the water by a very large mondo aggressive shark 2 years ago. A few of our friends are staging for the jump to Long Island so
we figured we might as well join them there. From Water Cay we could make the 43 mile jump to the east to Long Island once the wind clocked around a little more. So we rose early and sailed off the hook for the 12 mile trip to Water Cay. There’s also been a rumor of excellent hunting thereabouts

It was boisterous sailing with the full main up and the headsail reefed. We made great time and had the hook down by 0930. After a few chores and then some lunch we headed out for some hunting. After being in the water for about an hour, we soon had 2 Hogfish, one of which weighed 8 pounds, a 5 pound Grouper and a trio of lovely lobsters. Tomorrow, Long Island.


Mark and Michele s/v Reach said...

Hi guys!
It's been great keeping up with life in the Jumentos on your blog after we left (seems like forever ago). We're in Culebra, PR now & water is nice, but just isn't the same! Strange, no fish on these reefs - just a few lobsters & conch. At least trolling has been more successful... Love your giant Hogfish!
Take it easy,
Michele & Mark
s/v Reach

Anonymous said...

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