Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12, 2009.

The rain seems to be gone and all we have to remember Ida by is her remaining high winds. We’ll be here for another couple of days as it’s just too crappy to be going anywhere at the moment. Besides the ocean must be wild as hell so we’ll be patient. Offshore early on Saturday looks to be the plan for now.

Last night Lee on Krasna showed up in Factory Creek. Since he and the Alibi’s were here we decided to have a little “survivors of the Spa Creek anchorage” reunion. There was some Mexican food, some drinking and a lot of good catching up. And about Lee’s eyes; he’s a single hander so he uses crazy glue on his eyelids to keep them open for those long night passages. Be sure you double click on the picture to get the full effect. Apparently, it takes a few days for the glue to wear away.

Since we’re sitting here on the boat we decided to update and reinventory all of our food lockers.

We’ll need to have an accurate accounting of what we have on board before we can go provisioning for the Bahamas. We really do have quite a lot on board but there are a few holes in the food groups that will need to be filled.

The creek is very deep but fairly narrow. There’s a strong tidal flow that works to keep you centered in the narrow channel. But if there’s a strong breeze from the northwest during slack tide you can be set fairly close to the waterfront docks of the private homes along the water. So of course the remnants of Ida are out of the northwest. We’ve watched a few of the boats lift and reset their hooks as they swung to close too shore for comfort. We’re pretty close ourselves but our hook seems to be well set and we have the kellet down there as well. So even though we’re short scoped we’re satisfied at the moment.


M said...

We've provisioned all week in Vero and I'm sure we don't have as much food as you!

S/V Veranda said...

We're looking forward to finishing up in Vero.