Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 16, 2009.

After an oil change we decided to get out of Solomon’s and head for Annapolis. The forecast was for 5 to 10 knots out of the southeast, so of course, we got pretty much the opposite. So we sailed close hauled into 5 to 10 knots out of the northwest. By noon the wind died and we had to crank up the engine.

As the day went on the wind did finally swing around and start to come out of the southeast. The wind was light enough that I was getting pretty jealous of the boats that were flying spinnakers. Unfortunately, the wind was so light that they weren’t really going anywhere either. By 1500 hours the breeze did start to fill a bit and we shut down the engine and slowly sailed north.

We did see a bit of big
boat traffic on the bay but we didn’t really have to avoid anyone. Later in the day we had a pretty violent storm blow across our bow. So we got the benefit of some 15 knot breeze that we were able to put to good use for the last 10 miles of the day.

We arrived in Annapolis at 1730 and decided to take a mooring ball for the night. The area where we usually anchor along the naval academy was just too rough. The next morning we slipped the mooring and headed up Spa Creek.

There’s a small lift bridge at the mouth of the creek. Once through the bridge we were disappointed to find that Spa Creek was literally paved with mooring balls. We took our time heading up the creek and considered dropping the hook here and there. It’s just so tight here in the creek that it seemed that no matter where we dropped the hook we would at some point be encroaching on the channel or sitting too close to someone's dock.

Finally after about 3/4’s of a mile we found a little room just past the last mooring in the creek. We’re next to some kind of state park so we snuggled up close to that bank of the creek since there were no docks sticking out into the river.

Last night we met some friends in town for a couple of hours of catching up before heading home for dinner. On the way home we received a call from the Alibi II's who were on a friends boat, anchored near ours. So we swung home and dressed a little warmer and headed over to Krasna to see Bill & Bess and meet Krasna's owner Lee. It turned out that we had briefly met Lee down in Elizabeth City. We happened to be walking by when he arrived and we caught his bow lines as he pulled into the slip. Small world, had a great time, laughed for hours, went home way too late.

The weather is kinda crappy so we’re probably going to be spending a good bit of time sitting here on the boat.


Anonymous said...

Since you travel through this area, thought you might be find this interesting..A 38' powerboat run into a cruiser on his 39' sailboat at the St. Augustine inlet on May 15.

Here is a comment from a tourist to the local news station. There were 5 people riding on the bow of the boat - 3 of the passengers landed on the sailboat.

Tourist said: "I was vacationing in Florida last week and was on the schooner that called 911 to report the accident. We saw the whole thing. I can tell you that one girl lifted her top, then someone mooned us. They were having a wild time and showing off for the tourists on the schooner. The boat was going very fast and not paying attention as he smashed into the sailboat. It was extremely upsetting to watch. I'm so glad they are OK."

Guess this explains how the operator of the powerboat didn't see a 39' sailboat.

---s/v Vixen

S/V Veranda said...

We saw that on CNN. The sailboat had just left Vero Beach a few days before where we had been moored together. Powerboats are evil.