Monday, August 27, 2007

August 24. We were invited to visit some people that we’ve met on an internet sailing board. I think I might be turning into Jim. Nanette and her boyfriend Brian had arranged a transient dock for us, for the night, at the yacht club they belong to.

We left Port Jefferson for the 20 mile trip across the Sound to Fairfield Connecticut. We also knew that our friends on the Donna-Lynn and Tia Rain would be transiting the Sound today. I knew where they were leaving from and where they were headed so we timed it to run into them. It worked perfectly, we saw them and altered course only a few degrees and were on top off them before they even realized that it was us. We pulled along side for a few hundred yards, had some small talk and were off on our respective courses again in 5 minutes.

The dock was actually an 8 foot by 100 foot floating dock that was held in place out in the middle of the river by several large mooring anchors. It was unlike anything we’ve seen as of yet. The whole thing only took up the space that would have held 2 moorings but instead, as a dock, it had space for 6 good sized boats.

Nanette and Brian came out to the boat and visited for a while before we all headed into town to eat at a really good Italian place. Afterwards we stopped in for a nightcap at their yacht club. It was a really good time and we planned to meet tomorrow over in Oyster Bay. Since the weekend was upon us they would be able to sail their Pearson 38 foot yawl, Scout, over and spend the night.

It was late by the time we turned in and we slept like the dead.

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