Saturday, August 25, 2007

August 22. We had to wait for a rising tide in order to get back out the channel at the Watch Hill anchorage. Low tide was scheduled for 0930 so we waited until 1130 to hoist anchor and get underway. The trip out the channel went well with no surprises.

The sky was overcast but not raining and there was a decent bit of breeze from the east. Today was another day completely under sail alone. It was a much nicer day than yesterday. The sea state was less rolly as we were behind Fischer’s Island for the first few hours and the breeze was a more comfortable 10 to 15 knots.

We had the main up with just a slice of jib out as well. I can’t roll out the entire jib at this point of sail as the main blankets it and the jib collapses for lack of airflow. The wind was directly over the stern so it was easier to just lay the main out and tie a preventer. We were still moving along nicely at about 6 knots.

Our anchorage for the night is Duck Island; even with the late start it’s been a pleasant 35 mile day. This is the place we broke down on our way east. We could use some water so we pull into the fuel dock and get 20 gallons of diesel and over a hundred gallons of water. Then it’s back out into the anchorage to drop the hook for the night.

As Christy was preparing dinner, some sailboats come out of the river and started to mill about. There’s a huge racing program here in Westbrook Ct. with a different class every night of the week. We’ve been here before and watched the 15 and 16 foot boats racing. It’s a lot of fun to watch and better yet, tonight is PHRF racing. That means there are larger boats of many different styles racing against each other. There were 26 boats tonight so it should be great. Wait, it gets better……..

The committee boat comes and puts the windward mark just 150 feet off our stern. So we were right on top of the action as boats fought each other for position, rounded the mark and let their spinnakers fly. You couldn’t get better dinner time entertainment. We took about 90 pictures of people we didn’t know, lol. They sailed right up until dark, it was great.


Anonymous said...

What a silly idea! I mean who would ever want to race something as slow as a blow boat?!

S/V Veranda said...

If you have to ask then you're probably not bright enough to understand.....