Saturday, July 7, 2007

June 22

June 22. We’ve been here in Forked River for several days now. It was wonderful to get back to friends and family.

After arriving early on Saturday morning we took quick naps and set out. Our first stop was to the office of the marina where I formerly worked. It was lunch time so we spent a bit of time sitting with all the guys from the marina and catching up on each others recent history.

The next afternoon we were able to have dinner with Charlie and Nell who left later that evening on a 3 month cruise of their own to Nova Scotia. It was good to get back in time to see them before they left. Charlie has been a very positive influence in my sailing career and it was wonderful for me to get to watch them cast off the dock lines for their dream trip. If anyone see’s S/V Nelly Ruth, make sure to say hi.

Since then we’ve spent time with several friends at various dinners, visited with family and attended a yacht club function. We’ve been busy every evening after putting in full days of working on the boat.

The marina published our Blog address in their monthly newsletter and evidently it’s really taken off. We’ve been stopped by dozen’s of people who have been following our adventure’s, I had no idea so many people were reading our Blog. It was a little overwhelming to think that the crap I write is being so widely read.

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