Friday, July 20, 2007

July 13

July 13. It’s been a while so lets get started with Something Bill Doesn’t Understand.

When did they do away with that old library standard, “SHhhhhh!” Since we’ve been out and about sometimes we’re at the mercy of the local library for our internet connection. Lately we’ve been going to the Lacey Township branch of the Ocean County Library for a Wifi connection.

Holy Christ this place is noisy. I’m mean holy shit the library was always a bastion of quiet and concentration. Not here though, it’s more like a social center where the thought of quiet never entered anyone’s mind. The loudest people here are the hen circle behind the library counter. It’s ridiculous as they all blabber back and forth like they’re at a basketball game. I feel like Michael Douglas in that movie, “Falling Down”, I just want to start smacking people with the leg of a chair to remind them that they’re in the freaking library. For God’s sake shut up, nobody thirty yards across the room cares what kind of conditioner you use.

Okay; end of rant.

We sent our lifelines out to be duplicated as ours were pretty much at the end of their service life. The company we used advertised 2 day turn around once the samples were received. Not for us though, we called after several days without getting a telephone quote and were told that they didn’t receive our old lines. Christy supplied them with a tracking number and after a while they called and said “oh yeah, they’re here, we had them all along, oops, sorry”.

We should be back underway and headed north by this weekend. The time we’ve spent here has been well spent. We’ve seen family and done plenty of boat chores.

The day we leave will be bitter sweet as we leave family and friends but it will be good to get going again.

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