Saturday, June 23, 2007

May 30

May 30. We were underway at 0700. We decided to leave a little earlier than usual as we had to cross the Abelmarle Sound first thing this morning. It is only about a 14 mile trip across open fairly shallow water but the wind was predicted to be 15 knots from the direction we wished to travel.

When we went south we went through the Dismal Swamp. On our return trip we’ve decided to take the alternate route through the Virginia Cut. The day went fairly quickly as we made our way north.

We were forced to stop earlier than we would have liked as there are not any places to anchor. We actually had to backtrack about 4 miles because when we got to our chosen anchorage for the evening the water depths were not even close to the charted depths.

We had to retrace our steps until we reached a barely acceptable spot. The spot is good for one boat, okay for 2 but here we sit with 5. We‘re all in the same boat as there’s not another spot to stop for better than 20 miles in spite of what the charts say.

We were treated to some entertainment in the anchorage this evening. Actually another air show, this time by some screwball flying his parawing down low between the boats. First he buzzed the cars on the nearby bridge then he methodically gave every boat a flyby.

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