Saturday, June 23, 2007

MAy 22

May 22. Okay, Georgetown. When you pull into the anchorage the first thing to strike you is the huge rusty steel mill at the head of the river. The waterfront is divided between the steel mill and the bustling fishing fleet.

My first impression of the waterfront was that it was a little seedy. I was pleasantly surprised shortly after we tied our dinghy to the town’s free dock. The town itself was picturesque with brick lined sidewalks, a waterfront boardwalk along all the bars and eateries and small green parks every 100 yards.

We stopped in Georgetown to see Christy’s cousin Cindy and her husband Allan. We saw them briefly on our way south so it was nice to spend the better part of the day with them this time. After the nickel tour of the area we went to the beach, played some Bocce Ball and generally enjoyed a beautiful beach day. Cindy and Allan’s house is of new construction but built like one of the old traditional homes of Charleston. It feels as if it were built sideways on its lot with a privacy door that invites or discourages visitors from stepping up onto the porch. Oh and there’s a guest house, I think we’ll be back. Afterwards Cindy put together a great meal while Allan grilled up a perfect steak. After dinner we opened one of the most well traveled boxes in the history of the US Postal Service and argued about who had the best parents. 

After spending Sunday with Cindy and Allan, Christy and I spent the day walking around town on Monday. We found a salon in our travels and Christy decided to get a massage while in town. While Christy was getting her massage I greeted the Bedazzles, Rick & Linda who were pulling into the anchorage. We’ve traveled with the Bedazzles before and we’ll be departing tomorrow together as we both head north.

Bedazzle and Veranda only have a short 30 mile day scheduled tomorrow so we can afford to wait and play the tides. We haul anchor at 1130 and are rewarded with over a knot of push for pretty much the entire day. We were making such good time we decided to take a side trip up Prince Creek. It’s a small creek that leaves the ICW and rejoins it a few miles later. It was a tiny meandering stream with plenty of depth so it was an enjoyable sidetrack. It’s really amazing to me coming from New Jersey that so much of this country is undeveloped and untouched by man.

Just after 1500 hours we drop the hook in a small tributary to the Waccamaw River. We’ve gone as far north as we dare as there is literally no place to stop for the next 35 miles. Tomorrow will be another short day but the stress quotient will be high as we have to negotiate the Rockpile.

Boat Name Of The Day………..Powerboat named……..Water We Thinkin’

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