Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 1, 2014.

Okay, so the weather here has sucked....big time. Every night during the month of April was either in the 30's or low 40's. So when the temps are down and the breeze is blowing that means that its a north wind. And north winds in the Chesapeake do what? Thats right, they blow all of the water straight out of the bay.
Its nice when you can walk up to the emergency ladder

There were a few days that Christy was trapped on the boat because getting up onto the dock were feats only accomplished by either Spiderman or me.

Work has been fantastic. I've been busy everyday on a plethora of different boats. This week we stuck an air conditioner, a battery charger and refrigeration in an Island Packet 27 among other jobs. It was a pretty tight fit getting the A/C into the tiny IP but everything worked out nicely. The Island Packets enjoy a reputation as heavily built “cruising” boats. After working at arms length to drill separate 5 inch holes through and inch and a half thick bulkheads I can testify that its true.

Tuckers been to the veterinarian. He had a pretty sever case of Vestibular Disease overcome him the day before we left the Ragged Islands. Its best described as a nasty bout of vertigo. We found an online course of treatment for him while we were still in the Bahamas. We had the suggested medication with us so we were able to start dosing him as soon as we figured out what was going on. The trip to the vets confirmed that hes beaten the Vestibular Disease and other than some “Doggie Alzheimers” he seems to be doing okay for a dude his age.
Even old men need cuddlin' once in a while

After nearly a week of rain the weather seems to have finally relented. For the last few days we've had warm winds blowing out of the south. And wind out of the south means what? Thats right, the waters back in the bay and then some.....
The walk to the boat now involves "walking the plank"


Anonymous said...

Glad to see at least some part of being back is going well. No sure of the protocol here but I will be up there for some training and would love to meet you guys. If you'd be interested in a dinner, a beer coffee or an ice cream cone, or al of the above let me know. I will be there May 19th and 20th.

S/V Veranda said...

Pat, Feel free to contact us at anytime.

Susan Schadt said...

Happy to hear you will be in Nap'lis summer. Where?
I will check into West- hope you will be there. Shoulder is good but the real physical terrorism begins next Wed. May be a Bloody Mary breakfast as preparation.