Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11, 2014.

One of the beaches here at Hog Cay has an amazing amount of seaglass. Its a very small beach that I'd be willing to bet has yielded more than 100 pounds of glass to various boats over the last couple of years.

It was blowing stink yesterday, all the trails have been walked, there’s no room onboard for fish or lobster so we decided to do some farming. I'm a neophyte to farming but I know that before you can harvest a crop you have to plant one. To ensure future generations the ability to find some seaglass we decided to do some seeding.

So we headed out to one of the oceanside beaches and collected every glass bottle we could find. We brought 2 large canvas bags and in 5 minutes they were full of bottles of every size and shape.
We found what we hope will be a good portion of the beach for “glassing” in the future. After smashing the first load of glass we refilled the bags several times and pretty much removed ALL the bottles from this beach.

We probably broke about 200 bottles all in the same small area.
Even at my age....breaking glass is still fun
It'll be interesting to check the section out in years to come just to see if the glass remains in the area at all. Hell, I'm hopeful that it'll still be there tomorrow. Christy tells me she thinks that it takes at least 3 years of tumbling before seaglass is ripe for picking. We'll see....


Diana said...

Is the the same one we farmed a few years ago? Sooooo jealous!! I'll trade you some corks......LOL (jk)

S/V Veranda said...

Yeah Di, same place and it still yields as much glass as ever

Diana said...

SO JEALOUS!!!! I'll trade ya some corks..... :)