Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 5, 2013.

We're still here sitting in Factory Creek awaiting a weather window. Thursday looks to be acceptable but after a few days of 30 knots from the east we'll give the ocean some time to mellow out. The wind has been strong all along the lower eastern seaboard resulting in some nasty inlet conditions.
The seas might be good enough for us to go but its the arrival at an inlet with crappy conditions that is our biggest concern. Saturday looks to be the start of a lovely multi-day window.

Last night we had a dinner gathering out on the Veranda. It was cold and drizzling outside but down in the salon of the Veranda things were quite nice. Steve and Kim from Fine Lion joined us for dinner along with Steve from Living Well. It was warm and dry inside, the food was terrific and laughter was the norm.

Coincidentally Starfish 9 and Puddlejumper both called during the evening so it was nice to semi catch up with them. Then Shenanigans and Alpha Mike 1 swung by to remind us that they were also in the area and headed south. One boat we were hoping to see but missed was Oscar Kilo. Thats the bad part about traveling by boat but I’m sure we'll cross wakes somewhere in the future.

Veranda, standing by and looking out the window.....

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