Saturday, September 28, 2013

September 28, 2013.

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Babu.

In general we've been busy as hell. On the home front I completed the installation of the new windlass. While we were at it we retired our old chain and replaced it with 200 feet of squeaky clean 3/8s inch galvanized chain.
Every 25 feet along its length we painted 2 foot sections of it red to eliminate the guesswork when deploying the anchor. We also cleaned up the anchor and applied some cold galvanizing paint. I figured that the
paint would only last a single anchoring but we had a friend that did the same and his anchor looked revitalized for a surprisingly long amount of time, so, what the hell.

This week was the big sale at Bay Ridge Liquors. Every thing in the store is 1 dollar over cost so its worth it to do a little binge shopping. As usual we arrived early, each grabbed our own cart and went a-gathering. Christy picked up 86 litres of boxed wine while I grabbed 22 handles of rum. Not bad for opening day. With so much of our adult beverage needs met on the first day Christy soloed the second day. She picked up another 50 litres of wine and 6 handles of rum. We should be set. I hope. If not there might be an issue.

I'm in the midst of making new dinghy chaps.
I don't like doing it but we find them to be a necessary evil.
A couple of yards of Sunbrella, some UV resistant thread, all the swearing the neighbors can stand and I’m suddenly a 1 man sweatshop.

At work I’ve recently had an interesting couple of jobs. This catamaran had an electrolosis issue. Yes, in the photo you can see completely through his saildrive.
Great access led to a quickly swapped transmission and drive leg in a touch over 4 hours. The owner was pretty happy about the lower than estimated labor cost since he had just dropped almost $7000 on the new parts.

While I’m on the subject of catamarans. This is another of those Nautitech Cats where the helmsman is sitting out practically on the sugar scoop exposed to the elements.
This little bench seat is inboard on the stern rail so the Captain and the admiral can both be seated near each other while broiling in the sun.
Of course it helps if the person seated there has an ass the size of a 9 year old child. What were they thinking? The average skateboard is twice the size of this “seat”.

On the monohull front I got to install a watermaker on a 51 foot Passport Yacht. It is a modular unit but all of the components fit nicely under the vee berth. The guys owned and lived on the boat for about a year and I couldn't believe that there was a space this large in a liveaboard that didn't have anything in it.

The thru hull for the watermaker had been installed during the original commissioning so that made things that much easier.

Locating a spot for the brine discharge was a bit challenging but other than that the install went very nicely and in less than 30 hours the guys completely automatic system is making high quality H²O.


Deb said...

Holy cow I guess I know where to get some wine if I run out!

S/V Kintala

Bumblebee said...

Hi - I can't find a place to comment on your pictures page but I wanted to let you know that they are hilarious! Having a good sense of humour seems like it is essential if you're going to live on a sailboat and you guys seem to have one.

Cheers - Ellen

S/V Veranda said...

Deb, there will always be a glass for you and TJ here on the Veranda.

Ellen, Glad you enjoyed the pictures and yes, we try not to take anything too seriously...

Sabrina and Tom said...

Was this an early April Fools posting? We've fallen for those before. 64 handles of rum? Does the engine now use rum and or wine instead of diesel? Don't get me wrong, we totally admire your stash & would like to carry more. Where do you put it all? I guess food, clothing & spares are optional to some folks. Ha! Seriously.....where

s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 @lrc

S/V Veranda said...

Its ONLY 28 handles of rum. 64 would be Most of the boxed wine is removed from the boxes so it stows much easier. Now that we got rid of that pesky generator theres that much more room for the necessities....

Sharlyn Harley said...

Not sure you can ever have enough rum :) BTW - how do you keep the wine cool enough that it doesn't turn to vinegar? We had a huge problem with that in the house. Had to buy a wine fridge :(