Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 20, 2013. Thats right. Happy Birthday to me. What could be more appropriate than our new engine showing up on my birthday. So at 1500 on Friday we revved up the crane and hoisted the engine high above the ground. Instead of lifting the engine from the lifting points we decided to lift it from the aft motor mount attachment points. This enabled us to slip the engine straight down the companionway with very little difficulty. It actually went in easier than the old engine had come out. By 1600 the engine was sitting in the salon and everyone was on their way home for the weekend. My weekend would be spent a little differently. After arriving at the boat on Saturday morning the first order of business was to pick some appropriate music. Since a good portion of the day would be spent lifting the engine over a 1 foot high wall and moving it 9 feet aft by myself some inspiration might be needed. Using a come-along, a lever, an inclined plane and brute force reminded me of the slaves in Egypt building the pyramids. So Matisyahu it was. I needed Christy's help for about an hour at the end as we coerced the 27 inch tall engine under the 27 ½ inch opening and into the engine room. I only own one Matisyahu album but listening to it over and over again passed the time quickly and the engine was hanging in the engine room in about 5 hours.

After getting the engine into the engine room I had to suspend it from the ceiling and get the planking out from underneath it. Once the wood was out of the way I attached the mounts and lowered the engine onto its bed. Unfortunately when I lowered the engine into place I hit a patch of bad luck. The engine bed was a hair too high. I knew that it was going to be close and it is but its on the wrong side of close. Crap.

This leaves me with having to cut out a good portion of the engine bed and rebuilding it to allow the engine to mate up with the transmission at the proper height. Now this leaves me with 2 choices. I can reverse the process and get the engine completely out of the way or I can suspend the engine as high as I can and work beneath it. While I’m not a big fan of option number 2 thats where I'm going to start.


Deb said...

Happy Birthday! What an excellent present, although a better present would have been to have it fit perfectly :) While I like Matisyahu, my choice for jobs like that is definitely Metallica.

I know I don't need to tell you this, but be careful working under that engine. When we finally get to meet you we would like you to have all of your fingers.

S/V Kintala

TJ said...

I wants me a new bright red motor to make Kintala go ... make mine a Beta marine. The 43 would probably do but the 50 would be sweeeeet! Me thinks you are going to love that new motor even if getting it in is a pain. Good luck!

Latitude 43 said...

Wow, nice gift! Happy Birthday!

johnnyringo said...


S/V Veranda said...

I banged my head enough with the need for Metallica. I'm a little worried about the proximity of the 500 pounds of iron too.

The bitter makes the sweet, sweeter right?

It was a mighty fine gift

Definitely no turbo's for Bill....