Monday, July 2, 2012

July 1, 2012.

Every other weekend I have to work on Saturday morning. This weekend was my “off” weekend until the phone rang at 0650.

We had a pretty vicious blow come through late Friday night. There were gusts to 70 knots with the majority of the blow being between 20 and 50 knots. I should have thought ahead and realized that I should run down to the marina in the morning to make sure everything was alright. But I figured that Kervin, who had the Saturday this week, would call me if anything big happened. I was asleep when he called but I *think* he said something about bedroom gymnastics without proper stretching and now his back is out and could I run down there because the marina is a little worse for wear and he can't stand upright.

Big trees were strewn about all along my route to work. The marina and surrounding hood are all without power so I was a little apprehensive about what I would find when I arrived at work. There was shit in the water that didn't belong there. There was stuff on the land that I've never seen before but all the boats at our docks were still floating safely having suffered the storm with no ill effect.

The only big issue was one of the boats blocked for sale at the local broker had his genoa partially deploy. Usually they make you take your headsail down when the boats are going to be on the hard for an extended period of time. But this guy had put a bolt through his furling drum so it couldn't spin thus preventing an accidental deployment. But Mother Nature scoffs at the plans of man. He insisted it would be fine and I let him get away with it. That won't happen again.

While the drum didn't spin, there was enough looseness in the wrap of the sail for the wind to get in.
It filled the top third of the sail and did its best to reek havoc. The sacrificial covering is shredded and now tangled in such a manner that the sail can't be opened or completely furled without a trip up the mast. I wrapped it as tight as I could but we'll have to deal with it properly on Monday. I'm just glad the boat didn't come off the stands.

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