Monday, May 21, 2012

May 20, 2012.

Last weekend the princess mounted her new throne. So that left the rest of the head looking a little shabby in comparison. Or so I'm told.

So this weekend was dedicated to yet more boat chores including the replacement of the faucet in the aft head and the faucet in the galley.
The aft faucet went in like it was supposed to so I threw in a bonus and changed out the rather shoddy sink drain. And there was great joy throughout the realm.

While there was nothing wrong with the galley faucet it was an issue that needed to be dealt with to keep the crew in harmony. The chef has a spice rack mounted directly over the sink. When you lifted the lever to turn the sink on, the lever touched the bottom of the rack. The interference was only a quarter of an inch but it was an issue. Raise the spice rack some might suggest....but alas, we could not because the paper towels live directly over the spice rack. Raise them both thou might suggest. Above the paper towels there is a permanent shelf where all manner of galley paraphernalia doth live.

This interference was fairly small and didn't really affect water flow. As soon as the faucet was half opened the water pump came on and that's pretty much that. Raise the damn lever as high as you like but if the pumps already running full blast that's pretty much it. The Princess scoffs at the laws of physics so we searched all throughout the kingdom until we found a low profile faucet at Ye Olde Home Depot that would allow full function of the magical water providing lever.

Eighty dollars and 2 hours of contortionist labor later we had our additional quarter inch of throw and there was once again peace throughout the land. No more water flow than before but that's not really the issue is it.

Since we were on a roll we back flushed and pickled the watermaker. Filled the water tank, defrosted the freezer, checked and adjusted the water level in the ships batteries, food shopped, drove to Home Depot for work, Tucker was groomed, a trip to Petco, cleaned and organized some cabinets and changed the inline freshwater filter.

I'm thinking I've earned Knighthood.

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SharsGoneRogue said...

Knighthood and a beer. (or two). Sounds like you got a LOT done!!