Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 28, 2012.

It's been a frustrating few days. We really want to get further north and the best option is via Eleuthera. The wind has just not been cooperating.

After our one perfect night in Pipe Creek we rode the north wind 4 miles back down to Big Majors Spot. Big Majors is fairly well packed with boats. The masses from Georgetown stop here on their way north. There is also an influx of powerboats at this time of year that have just crossed to the Bahamas.

There probably a dozen 40 to 50 footers with a half dozen boats well over a hundred feet. Last night I heard the 64 foot Ragin Cagin checking into the Compass Cay marina 30 minutes ahead of his companion boat, the 112 foot Cagin Dancer. Seriously? Somebody owns 2 boats that size?

And the big boats do have all the toys. They start spitting out jet ski’s as soon as they drop the hook. All of the big boys are towing a 24 center console to use as a dink and for fishing. We've seen private yachts with helicopters, sailboats and cars aboard but this guy had a new toy that I had only seen previously on the internet. It's the flying enema of doom. Basically its like the guts of a high powered jet ski attached to the operator via a large hose. But instead of the water propelling the jet ski its directed up a large hose and fired downward enabling the “pilot” to hover above the water.

The thing lets the operator get about 15 to 20 feet in the air. I'm admit that I did laugh a few times when the guy screwed something up and bitch slapped himself down onto the waters surface. Kind of a jet powered, face plant cannonball.

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Latitude 43 said...

Hahahaha...bitch slap. Like it.