Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 3, 2012.

We left Flamingo Cay at 0700 on a perfect 15 knot beam each. Sailing a little slower by putting in a double reef allowed us to time our crossing of the infamous Nurse Cay Cut. The Cut is a stretch of 15 miles of water that you definitely want to cross with the wind and tide in agreement. The wind veered a bit turning our beam reach into a close reach but it was still a spectacular sail over agreeable seas.

Even though we were arriving on Sunday we were already planning ahead for Tuesday. On Tuesday there’s a front scheduled to blast through with 24 hours of wind between 20 and 30 knots pretty much straight out of the north. We planned to weather the front in Man O' War bay on the southeastern side of Raccoon Cay. So since we were picking tonights anchorage for basically one night we decided to try a new one.

We anchored in a small bay on Raccoon to the south of Pimlico Cay. The bay is full of fairly shallow coral heads so we carefully wove our way in through the heads and close to shore. Since we were anchored before 1400 hours we decided to hit the water and see what we could come up with for dinner. We had given away the remaining lobster we had onboard before we left Georgetown so we decided see if we couldn't find more. An hour later we were back aboard with 6 lobster without ever moving more than a hundred yards from the boat. Its good to be back.

On Monday after an extremely long hike that yielded 40 Hamburger Beans we pulled the hook to move over to Man O' War bay. Its a trip of just over a mile and color us surprised when we came around the corner and found a trio of boats already there. Night Hawk, Sam The Skull and Countess Cosel had all just arrived with the same plan.

We said our hellos and decided to hit the water for a little swim around the anchorage.
After another 6 bugs the freezer is now full, we're settled in nicely and awaiting tomorrows weather.

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