Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17, 2011

Things at work have been pretty much run of the mill. I installed a new refrigeration system for one guy and new air conditioning for another. I also built a few masts for new boats that we're commissioning. I also got to dismantle the interior of a large sportfisher to gain engine access.
Both engines needed warranty work and with each head weighing in around 500 pounds I was glad not to be involved with that part. Cool crane truck though.

The youngest girlchild dropped in for a visit on her way back from vacation in Mexico with her boyfriend whats his face.

It was good to see Ashlee again. Time flies when shes here.

I got a flat tire on my bicycle on the way home from work yesterday so Christy hit Walmart and picked up two new tires and tubes. The old tires were pretty dry rotted and the change over went pretty quickly.

Recently our friends Jay & Di put their beloved cruising boat, Far Niente up for sale. They're at that stage in life where a lot of cruisers choose between a trawler or a motorhome. A few months ago they found and purchased the perfect 40 foot motor coach.

Fate stepped in and sent them a buyer so today the Far Niente changed hands to a new owner. We're really glad for them that they were able to sell the boat so quickly and to be able to pursue new adventures. Although my inner selfish prick is a little disappointed that we won't be sharing anchorages this winter. The chocolate they lavish upon me has nothing to do with it, I'm bummed.


Deb said...

Nice to see a post - I was wondering if you'd fallen into one of those engines you're working on and disappeared. Sorry you're losing a cruising friend but I'll try to remember to stock up on lots of extra chocolate for you next year lol.

S/V Kintala

Mutulfun.. Day by Day said...

It is always sad to see your friend like far nintey leave what you love. I am sure you both have many memories that will last a time. Just have to get them to come to anappalosis next summer and toss out the land anchor

S/V Veranda said...

Hi Deb, I was already looking forward to meeting the Kintalas, now I'm actually salivating.

Lol Randy, I've already tried to talk them into a road trip to this years boat show. Are you guys back to the boat yet?