Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011.

We went for a little dinghy ride while here in Beaufort, SC. There are a few derelict boats anchored here in Factory Creek. This guys been here as long as we’ve been passing through. She’s floating high right now but in the past we’ve seen her sitting a wee bit lower in the water.

Most sailboats have some rake to their mast. Just how much rake is too much? Raked much further aft and he’s gonna be able to use his boom as a depth sounder. I dunno but for some reason this seems a bit excessive.

We’re dog people so we enjoy seeing people with their canine family members as we walk through town. These Great Danes were so freaking big that when Mama sat on the bench to rest for a bit both of the pups did likewise.

It dawned on us just how different we are from the rest of the window shoppers when we came across this beautiful display of blue glass.
Yeah, the bottles, bowls, balls and such were cute but it would have been much more exhilarating to stumble across these items all broken up at the edge of the ocean. Blue sea glass rocks.

Another thing that rocks is our No-see-um netting. It’s a tighter weave than mosquito netting and is a “must have” here in Factory Creek if you want to be topside to watch the sunset.


Anonymous said...

love it.

S/V Veranda said...

Yes, but do you feel ill without it?