Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 10, 2010.

Okay, I admit I’ve been a bit remiss about updating the blog. I can’t help it, it’s not my fault. First off, it’s already October, where the hell has the summer gone?

So to recount, work has been slow as hell. We’ve been making ends meet by working with Maggie doing brightwork. Things there have been going well and the last boat of the season will be finished during the upcoming week. That’s good and bad. I was hoping to make more money this season but the slow down at work will enable us to head south a bit sooner.

ANYWAY, during the last 2 weeks I’ve spent a bit of time flat on my back fighting the flu……….which sucked, and working on the boat.

The fluids are changed, the brightwork on our boat is half done, the charging issues have been addressed and the diver finally showed the hell up.

You see, we added our names to a list of nearby people that were having a diver clean their hulls before they headed south this year. He was supposed to show up on Friday but it was close to 1500 hours before we heard that he called and rescheduled for Saturday. So after spending all day Friday waiting, we once again waited while the diver took care of other boats on the list on Saturday. Finally at 1600 hours Christy walked over to the next marina to see how the diver was making out.

This is how we found out he had gotten too cold and had gone home at 1430. Bastard. So we called him on the phone to get us the next available appointment. Answering machine, shit. He never called us back so I was like “F#%k him, I’ll get another guy”.

As luck would have it we were driving through a nearby marina and as we were passing by a guy was putting on his wet suit. I bang a u-turn and ask the guy if he’d be interested in cleaning our hull as well. My first line is that “we’ve been having a hard time getting a diver to show up, etc, etc”. He says “no problem” and gives us his phone number and promises to be at the Veranda on Saturday morning. We drive away psyched until Christy says “What are the chances that both of the divers we’ve contacted here in Annapolis are named Roger?” Crap. Sure enough Christy checked her phone and the number for the diver who hasn’t shown up and this guy, is one and the same.

He called us later in the evening when he put two and two together and promised to be there around 0900. At 0930 he called and said he’d be here in an hour or so. We were scraping and sanding so it wasn’t a big deal when he did finally arrive at noon.

He cleaned the boat and told us that the hull was pretty darn clean with only a bit of slime. But the prop and shaft were once again completely encrusted with barnacles. He scraped all of that crap away and installed a new zinc for us as well.

So we’re now officially ready to start thinking about the trip south.


Deb said...

Sorry we missed you guys! Tim was beat and we had to visit our family in Annapolis so we ran out of time. Hope to see you on the water before too long. Hope you have an excellent trip south.

S/V Nomad

S/V Veranda said...

Yeah, we're a bit bummed as well. There's just so much to see and do.....all in different directions. We'll see you when we see you. Take care.