Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13, 2010.

I’ve been doing a bunch of electrical work on our latest project boat. I call it a project boat because as of right now the list I’ve been given has 29 different tasks to be done. There have been some pretty cool upgrades like the addition of a Boatsense system.

Boatsense is a cool toy that enables boat owners to stay in touch with their boat. Its especially handy if the owner lives a good distance away from the boat. There are multiple options as to what you can hook up to your Boatsense system. This boat will have the high water bilge alarm and the shore power feeds connected to the Boatsense. Once connected, if the shore power should be disconnected or the high water alarm goes off, the boat itself will automatically call you on your cell phone. This way you can call the marina and ask them to check in on your boat as you’ve just received word that theres a possible problem. You can customize the system to meet your requirements. You can hook it to the companionway hatch to let you know if the door has been opened. It’ll even tell you if your freezer is getting to warm. Kind of amazing. I wonder if the boat will ever drunk dial the guy to tell him its lonely, maybe accusing him of having a little runabout on the side.

Another toy on board is the giant wind up key on the uppermost deck. Embarrassingly enough it now goes round and round at the flip of a switch.

Christy has been working quite a bit and is actually enjoying doing brightwork in spite of the physical demands. You can see the difference between the partially stripped deck and the newly varnished finished product. You go girl....

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Anonymous said...

nothing like that freshly finished bright work! sweeeet...ouch my aching back