Monday, September 21, 2009

September 19, 2009.

Boat stuff at work. Boat chores at home. Repeat. Again and again until the weekend arrives and then its just boat chores. We’ve got a ton of small projects going while we’re also tearing out the port side ceiling in the aft cabin.

I got the ceiling replaced and also replaced the bolts holding the port side leg of the radar arch. So with the biggie done it cleared the way for some real progress on the multitude of smaller chores. While I was hacking away at these Christy was been working feverishly to get things ready to receive company.

The eldest girlchild who we haven’t seen in quite a while is coming to spend a couple of nights with us. While that’s nice, she’s also bringing her boyfriend whom we’ve never met and I think Christy is feeling a little pressure.

It turns out that he’s a vegan. Thankfully not one of those bizarro, nothing but sprouts and crap vegan. He just doesn’t eat beef so turkey, chicken and fish are all still in play. On Friday she had half the salon table covered with recipes. I hope he’s hungry when he gets here because she spent all day Saturday cooking while awaiting their arrival.

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