Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4, 2009.

I was able to order my generator parts, including the service manual through work so things are looking better on that front.

I thought that I would post a few pictures of how the “other” half lives. No, not my other half, rich folks. These are a few pictures of an Oyster 68 that I have to fix, what else, the generator on.

The thing is driven by a pair of 135 horsepower Mercedes diesel engines. That’s right twin engines. It also has a 15 KW generator and a 7.8 KW generator which is currently on the fritz.

The salon area is to is to die for with comfortable seating for dominoes.

The inside helm station is pretty nice and would be pretty comfortable in the event of bad weather.

There’s a nice sized galley with breakfast seating for 4.

Up forward there are 4 bunks for crew with a huge master stateroom for the owners aft. The boat is really nice but I gotta say that I was pretty disappointed with the smallish size of the master bunk. Although they do have a full sized couch in the master stateroom. There is however, a single bunk back there as well, I’m not real sure what the hell that’s all about.

The massive cockpit has room to easily seat a dozen fat folks. The decks are covered in teak and the duel exhausts just look kinda cool.

The boat is for sale because the owner wants something a little smaller. I’m thinking that a straight up trade for a nice Pearson 42 would be a pretty good deal for all involved. As a matter of fact, its fair right down to the fact that we both have generators on board that don’t work. I hope he doesn’t fall off the dock laughing when I ask him……

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TaylorMad1 said...

I thinking that is my next boat, just need to win the lottery first.
I enjoy your posts!