Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 10, 2009.

We got underway from Jamaica Cay after a rolly night at anchor. Jamaica was a nice respite from the pounding we had been absorbing but left a bit to be desired as an anchorage.

What a difference a day makes. We headed out with our double reef in, as a precaution, due to a series of squall lines coming out of the east. The seas had abated during the night and we were down to a very reasonable 15 knots of breeze.

We covered the 23 miles to the anchorage at Raccoon Cay by noon. The cay makes for an excellent anchorage with plenty of room, we are anchored a half mile from our nearest neighbor and there were 5 boats here when we arrived. We spent the rest of the day dealing with a head issue.

When I took my morning visit to the head there seemed to be a problem. Now that we were safely at anchor, it was time to deal with it. The whole ordeal was pretty disgusting so I’ll spare you the details but things are once again disappearing when the magic handle is pulled.

When we woke after a wonderfully calm night Christy headed to shore for a little hiking across the cay with some friends. They were gone for a few hours and found a windward shore full of interesting debris.

After lunch Christy and I decided to do a little hunting. We decided to limit what we might harvest; we would hunt for hogfish, grouper or lobster. We took the dinghy to the southern end of the cay where the chart shows an area that looked promising so we wanted to check it out.

We found some nice coral heads and rock ledges and during the course of the afternoon we were able to spear 3 lobsters. It was 1800 hours before we knew it and we had just enough time to meet the others for sundowners on the beach, where we were treated to a glorious sunset with our second consecutive green flash in a row.

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