Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 20, 2009.

Yes, we’re still here in Vero Beach. We got the last of the results back from our various doctor’s examinations this morning. Everything looks good so now we can reexamine our itinerary for the immediate future. We were beginning to feel as if we might become permanent residents here.

I called Barrack today to congratulate him on the whole inauguration thing. He was pleased to hear from me and made sure to tell me that he would see to it personally that my retirement funds would stop shrinking and once again become the pillow of comfort that I had grown accustomed too. I just hope it happens before I turn 90. He had to get off the phone rather quickly as he said he had to help Joe get Mrs. Biden out of the punchbowl before she starts blabbing to Oprah again.

The brutal cold snap that has enveloped most of the country has reached us here in Vero as well. The sun was out today and it was warm enough but the temperature is supposed to dip to about 32 degrees for the next few nights.

Last night we attended a party held at Jay and Di’s house. It seems that Nancy has a knack for putting together themed parties and The Far Nientes offered to host. It was a Key West theme party. Everyone who attended had been sent an email invitation with a list of ingredients to bring.

Upon arrival you picked from a hat to determine what job was yours for each course. The job choices were Host, this job seemed to be the best as you got to sit on your ass and pretty much schmooze with everyone. Another job was Bartender, which meant that you made any and all drinks and made sure nobody went dry. Next was Wait Staff, you set the table, filled the plates, served the food and washed the dishes. The fourth job of course was Chef, that’s right, if you drew Chef, you were cookin’.

So for the appetizer course, I drew Chef while Christy drew Bartender. Fortunately, for all involved the teams were set up to be boy / girl. Tessa drew the job as my co Chef. That worked out pretty well because she’s actually cooked a meal before so that gave us a huge momentum boost in the kitchen.

The appetizer on the night’s menu was Cajun Jerked Shrimp. When you pulled your job from the hat the recipe for your entrée was provided along with instructions. So, I dumped the seasoning into a large bag of shrimp, shook it up and then placed the shrimp on skewers, then I took the skewers out to the grill while Tessa started to make the “goo” for dipping. While we were slaving away in the kitchen everyone else really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Once the shrimp were grilled and the goo was ready, the food was served. No, not by Tessa or I, we had staff for that. The Wait Staff took over and served up the shrimp, the Bartender kept the glasses full and things went great and the Hosts seemed happy.

While the Wait Staff cleaned up the dishes, jobs were drawn for the main course. This time I drew Chef, again, damn. Luckily, along with the job assignment we were provided with the recipe once again. This time Christy was the fortunate one who drew the job as co Chef. The entrée was baked Mahi Mahi smothered in lemons, oranges and onions served on a bed of rice.

Simultaneously the Salad Chefs prepared a large mixed green salad that was a huge hit. In spite of the crowd in the kitchen, as the Wait Staff washed dishes and the Bartenders worked furiously the meal was perfection personified.

After dinner was completed, the dessert jobs were drawn. This time I drew Bartender, YES, a job I feel comfortable in. It was pretty easy too as it seemed that while I’d been slaving away in the kitchen the rest of them had been hittin’ the bottle pretty good. Just top up this, refill that, it was smooth sailing. I might have hit it a bit myself because for the life of me I can’t remember who the dessert Chefs were. The dessert on the other hand, I’ll never forget. A wedge of Angel food cake surrounded by coconut sorbet, lemon sherbet, fresh papaya, fresh mango, fresh kiwi and pineapple slices.

It turned out to be a great night full of laughter, food, friends and fun.


Bill Cooper said...

So, who was it that took the last picture of the group at the table??

S/V Veranda said...

Why, one of the Wait Staff of course. You didn't expect them to be sitting at the table did you. :)